Why I loved using the Beco 8! One Mums Story

I was given the Beco 8 in preparation for the arrival of our second baby. Having used an older style soft structured carrier A LOT with our first child, I wanted to find a good quality, ergonomic carrier that we could use beyond the first year of her life. The Beco 8 caught my attention after winning so many awards in 2017 and after using it for 9 months, I can see why it’s such a popular carrier.  Here are some of the things I love about the carrier, as well as a few points worth considering if you’re thinking about investing in a new carrier!


Comfortable to wear? Yes, absolutely!

Having suffered with a bad back throughout pregnancy, I really wanted an ergonomic carrier that would go easy on my back. The Beco 8 spreads the weight across your back and to your hips, so it doesn’t strain your muscles. You can wear the shoulder straps rucked (H-shape) or crossed on your back and there’s also a detachable lumber support for the small of your back to give additional  support if needed.  I used the lumber support initially, but now my back is stronger I don’t feel the need and removing the support also allows you to then tighten the waist band a little more.

It’s been incredibly comfy to wear so far and with my 9 month-old now weighing 18lbs, it’s worth noting that when using the carrier with the baby forward facing it will place a little more strain on your back, so do turn your baby inward after 20 minutes which I believe is sound advice with any forward-facing carrier.


Suitable from newborn-to-toddler?  Yes, although I prefer to use a stretchy wrap for the newborn stage.

I love that you can use the Beco 8 for newborn babies and toddlers. It will certainly save a lot of time and money researching and buying new carriers for different stages. I personally prefer a stretchy wrap (like Boba) for the early months as they mould to your body and for me, feel much nicer to use with a very little baby. 

The first time I used the Beco 8, my daughter was 4 weeks old and she just seemed to get lost in there although an infant boost cushion is provided to ensure newborn babies can be positioned safety.  Personally, I didn’t really start using the Beco 8 regularly until my little girl was about 5 months – I used it occasionally before then but she didn’t seem to fill the carrier until she was a bit bigger (although it didn’t stop her dropping right off to sleep as soon as I put her in there!)

Quick forward-facing option? Absolutely!

Baby can easily switch from inward facing to forward facing in the Beco 8. It means she could enjoy looking out at the world for brief spells without me worrying about harming her hips (or damaging my back), as it’s so easy just to turn her back round. It’s literally just a case of undoing/redoing a couple of poppers on the front of the carrier.

Cool in hot weather? Yes – such a COOL feature

The breathable mesh on the front was a lifesaver last summer, as it was a bit of a scorcher and it’s great that you can just zip it back up when its no longer hot  although I certainly won’t be needing it for a few months now! But it means that you have that flexibility of a sling that is suitable for both hot and cold weather. Our old baby carrier was a proper sweat fest in the summer months, but no problems with the Beco 8!


Built-in Support Hood? Yep – sure does!

On a similar vein, the built-in hood has been very useful too. Maybe not so much for keeping the sun off my daughter’s head as she just gets annoyed about not being able to see out (a sunhat does the job perfectly well). I find it most useful for helping my daughter to nap – she’s quite a nosy baby, and it just helps her to relax.

What would I change?

Like most other people who purchased the Beco 8 in 2017, my main bug-bear is that the material and look of the carrier was a bit utilitarian, only available in plain grey. However, that does mean that the carrier is unisex and my husband doesn’t feel like a wally wearing an overly feminine carrier!  The good news … Beco have recently introduced ‘new’ unisex colours (Rust, Teal & Black) which can be seen here

My only other slight irritation was with the clarity of the instructions - a series of images with no text which I found difficult to decipher in the midst of sleep-deprived baby fog!  MORE GOOD NEWS – Beco have recently updated the manual and all the new colourways come with the new manual.  But if you’re investing in grey, there are many YouTube tutorials available that show you how to use the carrier and Beco also have instruction videos for all their products here

Would I recommend the Beco 8?  Yes, absolutely!

All-in-all I’ve really enjoyed using the Beco 8 and look forward to using it much more over the next couple of years, I’m just a little jealous about all those lovely new colours!

Sarah is a busy mother of two beautiful toddlers and previously used a Moby Wrap and Ergo Buckle Carrier.  Ergonomic positioning, versatility and comfort are incredibly important in any baby carrier product she chooses, combined with value for money!

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